This is a collection of great interviews with Spike (lead singer of The Quireboys) from a variety of online music news sources from around the world. Interviews are displayed by date in descending order.
(Out of respect for the journalists, only a brief and link to the full interview is provided.) Spike is interviewed by Mark Dean in October 2014

Spike talks about his new album 100% Pure Frankie Miller, how it came about that he decided to record this album, that it includes Ronnie Wood, Andy Fraser, Simon Kirke, Ian Hunter, Bonnie Tyler and more and he gets into how it was recorded. They talk Beautiful Curse and Black Eyed Sons as well and the 30th anniversary tour. Spike talks a bit about how things have changed with record companies and how they do everything themselves much of the time. He talks about his hobbies outside of music and who his personal heroes are. interview with Spike. Interviewer was Claudia A. in September 2014

Spike talks about his Frankie Miller album coming out and goes into detail about how it came about, that there were over 300 songs to go through, that some amazing talent plays on the album with him, all friends of his and Frankie’s and that he just wants to keep Frankie’s music alive. – Spike is interviewed by Ian Savage in August of 2014

On the phone, just a few hours before leaving for the Quireboys American and Canadian leg of the 30th Anniversary Tour and the new Black Eyed Sons album. Spike tells how they are starting at the Whiskey Go Go and spending four weeks in the U.S. before ending off in Canada. He talks about his new album 100% Frankie Miller, plans on touring depend on egos, the benefits of modern technology when it comes to recording and his duet with Bonnie Tyler. He talks acoustic albums and gives his thoughts on ‘crowd-funding’. interview with Spike by Louella Deville – August 2014

The day before Spike leaves to continue the 30th Anniversary tour with The Quireboys into the United States and Canada he is interviewed by PlanetMosh reporter Louella Deville. Spike confesses he hasn’t even booked his train yet, he talks about the tour heading to America and Canada for four weeks, they discuss his new Frankie Miller solo album, how he pulled all the musicians for the album together, Frankie Miller, and the crackling of vinyl records. Lou and Spike talk 30 years ago, drummers, bass players and that he’s been in music since he was 17. Visit Planetmosh to read the full interview by the lovely Louella Deville. – Interviews Spike at Clusone July 13, 2014 while on tour as part of the 30th Anniversary Tour

Alessandro Lifonti interviews Spike in Italy. Spike talks a bit about the early days when he played the Marquee Club, he talks about how Mona Lisa Smiled came about and the story behind the song, the album Black Eyed Sons, the 30th anniversary tour and his new solo album, 100% Pure Frankie Miller. He talks about writing a song for Sir Bobby Robson, that American’s think you’re an alcoholic if you have a drink in the afternoon and that he loves Italy and he’s looking forward to the show. – Kimmo and Soile Tattari interview Spike Gray at the Halfmoon Putney in April/May 2014 as the Quireboys were starting their 30th Anniversary Tour

He talks about the Quireboys quitting their jobs when they started out, getting started at the Marquee, the rock scene in London during the 80’s, working with producer Chris Tsangarides on Beautiful Curse and Black Eyed Sons, how their songs are written, advice for young musicians starting out and getting teased by Guy Griffin when Spike’s cover of a Styx song came on the jukebox.